Beyond the Veil of Tears

- pain is a powerful motivator
    Women have been desperately searching for an effective solution for menstrual cramps since Eve moved to East Eden.⁣

    When someone compared period pain to a heart attack, Dr Jen Gunter, a well known OBY GYN and specialist in pain management said “don’t sell period pain so short.”⁣

    Cramps and associated period symptoms effect almost all women of child bearing age. Of those, between 20% and 30% worldwide report they experience extreme pain, which adversely affects a woman’s education, employment and general quality of life.⁣

    So when women hear that oral contraceptives or pain killers like Midol, Ibuprofen or Naproxen (NSAIDs), may help reduce their pain, it is understandable if they don’t ask the critical questions like:⁣

    But long before your doctor began prescribing pharma drugs, health practitioners the world over had their go to solutions.⁣ In ancient Egypt, one prescription included a frankincense diffusion and consumption of donkey liver.⁣ In India the traditional Ayurvedic “vata” or prescription includes a wide range of physical, emotional and self care guidelines.⁣ A Chinese medical prescription may include: dong quai, chuan xiong, bao shao, yi mu cao, or yan hu suo.⁣

    In Europe or North America the local herbalist may suggest a long list of options: elderberries, cramp bark, lavender oil, chamomile, red raspberry leaf, passion flower, motherwort, evening primrose oil, cinnamon, cloves, white willow bark, St Johns Wort...⁣

    Certain dietary options are scientifically proven to help. These include foods high in zinc, B6, calcium and especially magnesium - kelp, cacao (dark chocolate), spinach or pumpkin seeds. On the flip side, eliminating inflammatory causing foods such as refined carbs and most sugars is always a good idea and may reduce the severity of period pain.⁣

    Physical medicine such as a good run, Pilates class, hot and cold sitz bath, epsom salt bath (for magnesium absorption), or topical heat can also be helpful.⁣ Alternately, some women go for homeopathy, acupuncture or most recently THC and CBD oils or even vibrating machines a woman can attach to her lower abdomen.⁣

    With the advent of the internet, there are new claims almost every day... so what is a woman to do?⁣

    In 2019 Yurika! cramp free naturally finally provided women with a risk free and effective Health Canada certified solution to mensural cramps and related symptoms.⁣

    ⁣It took three and a half years of research and development but pain is a powerful motivator.

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