What Women are Saying

“I was pretty desperate and didn’t want to resort to Tylenol and what better solution than something that is all natural. I kid you not, within about ten minutes of using this product it relieved almost 100% of the pain.
Khezia (25) Surrey, BC

"I LOVED IT! I felt amazing honestly ... pain-free. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

I was actually excited for my period! I anticipated trying this product out since it was so promising and I've been looking for a natural pain solution for a long time... Yurika lived up to the expectations! 

Normally I would rate my pain levels at about an 8 making it hard to focus at work and usually making me take the day off and sleep... This time was different. I worked both my jobs with little discomfort and I even did a workout that night! I'm so glad to have this in my cupboard for next monthI can FINALLY experience an easy natural period! Thanks, Yurika!"

Geneviève Clements 26 (Victoria, BC) 


"My cramps are so painful that 50% of the time I get nausea and throw up. After using one Yurika capsule this past cycle, it worked better and faster than pain medication."

Sophia, 24 (Tacoma, Washington)


"Before Yurika, my period pain was unbearable, and I often had to leave or miss work. Now at the first signs of my period I take two capsules to prevent the cramps from starting, if I feel any discomfort I take another two capsules. Now I have no cramps and can live my life normally when I get my period."

Christine, 35 (Bloomington, Minnesota)


"Yurika! worked so well my menstrual cramps were relieved in just five minutes. I am completely satisfied as it was 100% effective. The best thing is that it’s made of natural substances."

Navneet, 19 (Jalandhar, India)


"Wow! Yurika is a Godsend for me. When I got my period in the past it was like food poisoning: nausea, diarrhea, leg cramps... I would load up on ibuprofen and still be on the bathroom floor for hours. I experienced many embarrassing moments like having my boss drive me home from work while doubled over in pain; or being at a conference where the majority of my coworkers were men, wondering why I was in the bathroom for an hour! Now I take Yurika and maintain my activities uninterrupted."

Arlie, 34 (
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan)



"Yurika! are like magic capsules, when I take them my cramps go away. I gave it to my sister and she had the same result."
 Roya, 24 (West Vancouver, British Columbia)

"I wanted to thank you for the bottle of Yurika. I started taking some today and it is working really well! I will highly recommend it to my female friends."

 Anne-Gaëlle (Paris, France)

 "...my cycle is very painful (7/10)... I took one capsule when I had the first sign of cramps and then forgot about it which means one thing: it is very effective!

Clemence, 29 (Brussels, Belgium)


"[For the] first time in my life I was super excited to have my period and try out Yurika. I actually needed just one capsule :D"

Kate, 29 (Sabinov, Slovakia)


"I had a hard workout on Friday and woke up with soreness in my lower back and shoulders. Instead of Advil I took Yurika... and I think it really works for muscle soreness. It may not be what you intended it for but... what a huge market in the fitness world."

Arlene (White Bear Lake, MN)


Yurika makes my cramps painless, so I can give 100% in everything”

Grey (23) Mexico City, MX