Period Pain - a personal journey

Some women loath getting their period but depending on your perspective, there are some upsides. 

  1. You know the plumbing works
  2. That pesky bloating goes down
  3. Your appetite often decreases
  4. Your energy goes up
  5. You can make a baby! 


Although all healthy women have them, the experience of getting a period can be quite different from one person to another. It’s personal. It immediately distinguishes you from the boys for sure, but this is just simple biology. Some girls may feel a bit awkward as well because it’s like something is going on in your pants, you can feel it, but you are trying to pretend nothing is happening. 


The experience may also develop a fraternity of shared experiences among women. That first time is unexpected and so it’s difficult to be fully prepared. The age is typically around twelve. If it comes while you’re in school and the odds are high that it will, it can be embarrassing. Not that it should be but the reality is boys have no idea and girls don’t want everyone in their business right. 


NSAIDs were “the solution”

The first time I remember having bad period pain I was 16 years old and in grade 10 in Bloomington, Minnesota. It was a math class, and last block of the day. I was sweating and trying not to pass out from the pain while watching the second hand click away on the big wall clock. 


My mom had booked me a personal training session for that afternoon. She left work early to pick me up but I was totally incapacitated and had to cancel so we lost the session and the fee. We went home instead. My mom gave me an ibuprofen and I went to bed.


Have you ever felt shame for missing an important event because of your period pain? 


Oral Contraceptives became “the new solution”

Another early difficult cramp memory I have was when I was 18. My brother, a medical student at the time, suggested to our mom that I take oral contraceptives to help with my period pain. I eventually got on “the pill” but it flattened my energy and gave me low level depression. I found it to be such an unpleasant experience that I quit after a few months. This was the beginning of many woes!


I also felt uneasy taking oral contraceptives when I wasn’t sexually active. I was proud of my virginity and being on the pill didn’t sit well with my conscience. There are also health risks for young women who get started early on oral contraceptives. The int’l Agency of Research on Cancer has classified them as “carcinogenic to humans (Group 1). According to The National Cancer Institute “...studies have provided consistent evidence that the risks of breast and cervical cancers are increased in women who use oral contraceptives…” Unfortunately, they may cause further possible side effects and health risks as well, including:


  • Infertility; blood clots; nausea; breast tenderness; bloating; headaches; migraines; increased appetite; yeast infections; intermenstrual spotting; mood swings; brown facial spots; vaginal discharge; decreased libido.


NSAIDs became “the new old solution”

Non Steriodal Anti Inflamatory drugs are the most commonly perscribed solution for menstrual cramps. They can be purchased over the counter at any drug store. The brands I prefered were ibuprofen or Advil, as I found Midol and Motrin made me feel like I was stoned. I used NSAIDs to keep my period pain at bay until age 25 when I tried another bout of oral contraceptives but after a year I had to come off them again.


I felt I had no choice

In my late 20’s and early 30’s my period pain became so extreme it began to disrupt my work and social life. I was popping up to eight ibuprofen in order to get through a work day. I knew pain killers were bad for me but none of the medical professionals I discussed it with offered any options. The pattern was horrible. 


Note - BTW, often the pain only reduced but didn’t actually go away


The Good News

Ladies, we don’t need to suffer anymore. We aren’t left with choosing between debilitating pain and horrible side effects from pharmaceuticals anymore. I’ve discovered Yurika Cramp Free Naturally which is a Health Canada certified, all natural solution to menstrual cramps. It has been proven to work better than NSAIDs for the relief of menstrual cramps.  


Today Yurika! has helped women on every continent and every one of them has their own pain filled story similar to mine. I’m passionate about helping women improve their health and hope to get this message to everyone who suffers from menstrual cramps. If you know someone please share my story with them. Thank you. 

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